Why I’m Literally Voting Jesus for President

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Let’s cut the crap.  Whether you vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama this November, you are essentially voting for the same guy.  I’ll grant you, they do a heck of a job convincing people that they are wildly different from each other, but considering how we just watched the most “grass-roots; man of the people” president in my lifetime go through his term, and I’m drawing a blank for how he is much different from his predecessor, I would say it’s true.

Let’s do some call and response:

C: Didn’t this president facilitate the bank bailout that his predecessor supported while the majority of Americans didn’t?

R: And saved American jobs!

C: Isn’t Guantanamo Bay still open?

R: Technically.

C: Still fighting the same wars?

R: Yes, but it’s slowly transitioning from a publicly funded war to a privatized one.

C: Oh good!  But it’s still the same war fought by the same people, right?

R: Well, yes.

C: Aren’t they still raising most political funds through large conglomerates who are only interested in profit margins?

R: A necessary evil.

C: The war on terror is a thing of the past, huh?  Then why did we kill Osama Bin Laden in cold blood?

R: So we can all feel safer.

C: Uh huh.

You may say Obama is much different from conservatives because he is trying to nationalize healthcare.  Does anyone remember when George W. Bush nationalized the education system to “communistic” proportions through the “No Child Left Behind” bull crap?  People!  Just because these guys say different things doesn’t at all imply that they are about different things.  They are built in the same lab. We all say that politicians just pander to us, and they are a bunch of hypocrites, but are we any better?  If I say that what comes out of a politicians mouth doesn’t matter if his actions don’t match, but still give credence to political “debates” and convention speeches am I not also a hypocrite?

When are we going to stop believing with our actions that the entire American political landscape is where our democratic promises lay? Every four to eight years a new “leader of the free earth” is elected who promises to “clean up Washington.”  But let’s think about this.  Who finds the person we elect?  Where does this person come from?  95% of us hadn’t even heard of the guy before he shows up on the news as our next hopeful leader.  We do have a real choice about who gets elected president, that’s true.  However, how many of us have a choice about what our choices will be?  There’s an old sales trick where you ask the person if they want one product or two instead of the obvious pre-question of “do you want to buy the product at all.”  This is  our “democratic” system.  Those who are really in power don’t really care that much if we vote Romney or Obama.  Why?  Because they make a profit on either one.  Sure, I’ll grant you that they will make a bigger profit on Romney, but they are willing to suggest the proverbial “one product” as a real possibility if it will make you forget that “neither” is still a choice.  You see, the bureaucrats who actually run our political system don’t get voted out.  The guard changes every four years, but what’s being “guarded” is fixed to the ground.  It makes sense why every political election feels the exact same in the end.  It’s the same director for each movie.  And unfortunately, it’s a lot more Michael Bay than the Coen Brothers.

Our founding fathers gave us a democracy.  It’s true that this means that all men are created equal…on paper.  They created a system of checks and balances, and a legal system that can evolve with the needs and wills of these equal people.   What they didn’t give us, though, is a contingency plan in the case that the system is being hijacked.  Thomas Jefferson did say that our democracy would need to be “refreshed” from time to time by revolt against those who have become too comfortable in self-serving power, but he gave us no formula for how carry out said revolt.  His actual assumption was that it would need to be bloody which I suppose insinuates anarchistic violence.  But for a pacifist like myself, this just will not do.

For Americans, the plan to create change is by voting.  I on the other hand have become convinced that my vote no longer touches the arena needing real change.  Our democracy has been hijacked by super pacs, bureaucrats, and spooks; and they have learned this powerful truth: if they keep us entertained by political theater they can keep our voice out of what’s really going on.

I hate to say this, it pains me to say this, but our vote doesn’t matter.  I know, I know!  I am a so-called red-blooded, Bible-belted American like so many of you who have been indoctrinated to believe that our vote matters too, and in a lot of ways I do still believe that could be true.  But right now, in this election, in this system that has been playing on a loop since I have been able to vote, my vote doesn’t matter.  It’s the same guy.

So, will I vote this November?  I will.  It won’t be a “legitimate” vote because my “man” is not of this world.  He is not of the world of bureaucracies, or even democracies.  He pays no mind to dictators or Caesars.  He is a proven revolutionary and a proven savior.  This November, I will cast my vote for Jesus of Nazareth.  I will write Him in because His is the only grass roots campaign that I’ve known to topple empires through  non-violence and righteousness.  He is the only one who can “clean-up” Washington, and I for one long to see that city get a bath.

When I cast my vote for Jesus it obviously will not be a vote in the traditional sense.   It will be a prayer.  And I pray that His name, the name above all names, when written on these still sacred ballots will enact the ancient litany “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven” throughout the fabric of our broken democracy.  This is my small revolt.  You may say it is insignificant, but I believe that the most powerful actions are as small as mustard seeds.  I believe it is the original “leader of the free world” who came up with that one.

About Adam

I am a old Christian seeking to become new. I want to know and follow Jesus: the "New Adam" who made the way back to Paradise. I graduated from North Central University with a degree in Business and a Bible Minor. I married my wife Tori in June of 2011 in Colorado. Our ceremony could be best described as pseudo-Quaker. Our reception was a farm-to-table communion meal. Our wedding dance: essentially a music festival. It was a full picture of our ministry as a couple. I grew up in the Dakotas. It's not my favorite location in the world. I have a dad, a mom, and a sister. My parents have been together for about 30 years. We love each other, but it's a bit dysfunctional. I am now a free lance gardener. I promote gardening, community, and preferably a combination thereof.
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13 Responses to Why I’m Literally Voting Jesus for President

  1. Jarvis says:

    Yeah, no doubt I would rather have Jesus in the White House than either major candidate but…. when he came folks on earth thought He would be an earthly king and instead he turned out to be the King of kings.

    You are more correct that I would like to admit in saying the candidates are a like. I am annoyed that folks voted for Obama based on things he said he would change and then did not change. I am very pleased that he did not close Guantanamo Bay but folks hated Bush for having it open and now.. well they are generally quiet. It would take too much to discuss this here.

    Four years ago Obama promised that we would have a warm and fuzzy relationship with the Muslim world. How is that working out? Libya? Egypt?

    Yet, right as you are, there are enough differences that I will vote and I know who I will vote for.

  2. Art says:

    Yes, in one sense they are the same. From a biblical perspective, we choose from a guy who pretends he is a Christian, but he’s knows he’s not one, and and man who thinks he’s a Christian, but he’s not. That said, there are differences in degrees. Example: one man drinks in moderation, another is an alcoholic. Both may end up with a DUI, servos is of the liver, or may beat their spouse and children while drunk, but one is more likely. I have been highly disappointed in the rights inability to curb spending. They can’t do it on their own unless its a club to use against a president like Clinton. On the other hand, Obama, with a majority in congress, is spending more like a drunken sailor. The right can’t balance the budget, but the left seems to not even bother with the pretense?

  3. Adam says:

    Art: the main thing I would say to your comments is that I’m not talking about being disappointed in the right or the left. I am disappointed in the beuraucrats who created the myth that our country divides nicely down the middle into two segments. This dualism makes for great political theater, but it doesn’t do justice to the American imperatives of justice and equalIty for all. It only serves as a nice distraction from what is really going on in Washington.

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks for your comments, Dad. I hope you’re right in believing that your vote will matter, but like I already said, I doubt that anyone’s will. That said, I know you do have a voice into what is really happening with the powers that be in this country and I pray that your influence mirrors that of Christ’s life and ministry.

  5. MK says:

    There are more than 2 candidates running……

  6. Adam says:

    Thank you for bringing up the obvious, and I sincerely mean that. No sarcasm intended. In this post I only mention Obama and Romney because they are the only candidates with a serious chance of winning. This would be another post altogether, but the system is set up where a third party has absolutely no chance. Basically, it all boils down to campaign funding in that the person who raises the most money wins the election. I believe it’s been that way at least since Reagan…Therefore, I talk about the “two” choices as a metaphor for our choices which aren’t actually choices. Voting for anyone but these two is “throwing away” one’s vote in my opinion, except I believe I have found an exception to that: Jesus. Not that He’ll be sworn in, but that perhaps it will be a symbolic gesture that enacts change. I don’t know how that would be except in part that we’re talking about it right now.

  7. As for Jesus in the White House, what happened to rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s?

    As for Romney and Obama being the “same guy,” I think this oversimplifies things to the extreme. Give me two people and I will show you how they are different, in ideology, in personality, in whatever. Each Republican in the primary is different, and Obama is different than everyone in his primary. Politics is complicated, nasty, and inconsistent. If you’re expecting that to change, good luck. If you think it means politics makes no difference throughout history, look at history.

  8. Jarvis Haugeberg says:

    I would love to see the electoral college done way with. My vote will be cast and it does matter, but the electoral college is not needed today and it takes away the power of votes in my judegement.

  9. Adam says:

    Thanks, Joe, for your comments here. I sincerely appreciate your input.

    The concept of “Rendering to Caesar” is truly at the heart of this topic. In my view, “Caesar” is bureaucratic Washington. This is the dictatorship that we call “Lord” in America. It is their propaganda that we are force-fed, and it is to their whims that we ignorantly acquiesce. They are the ones who unilaterally declare war, who torture, who make secret deals, and protect their own interests while spinning lies to the general public. They have made statesmenship impossible in American politics. Thus, the people, on the whole, do not have a voice.

    As far as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney being different from one another, I completely agree with you. However, Incumbent Obama and Candidate Romney are the same “product” produced by the same “company.” These are bought men, and the price was hefty. They have just enough leash to feel autonomous, but not enough to veer away from the ones who have already determined the direction of history.

    Politics matters a great deal, and history truly points to that, but the theater that veils true political actions from the American people in real time is nothing. And by the time we are able to see beyond the curtain, decisions have been made and outcomes have begun to solidify. This is evidenced by the extreme disillusionment of the American people. We never know what’s really going on, and what we find out has happened makes us very uneasy at least. So, we settle for the show because deep down we know it isn’t real, and that is a strange comfort.

    So, for me to invoke the name of Jesus at the ballot box is rendering to Caesar what is Caesar. I am not interested in playing a part in political street theater any longer. I am “throwing away” my vote because it is not real power anymore. Caesar can have the Coliseum, the army, and my tax money. But my hope is in a Lord who has the power to cripple Caesar’s reign and actually bring peace and justice to our broken land. My vote is a summons to His Kingdom coming to the Earth.

  10. So, was Jesus saying that our role in earthly governments only goes so far? If so, was Augustus/Octavian and the Roman Empire better or equivalent to the current U.S. system, in your opinion?

  11. Adam says:

    I agree, Dad, that the electoral college should be removed. I even believe that the party system should be removed. These things only serve to create division and dualism in the country. Though I’m overusing the term now, it makes for great theater to have “sides” to be on, it doesn’t facilitate real dialogue and forward thinking in these “United” states.

  12. Adam says:

    I wouldn’t put it like that. To say our role “only goes so far” implies a passivity or reservedness that I do not mean to imply. My point is that we must consider the avenues that we choose to take for our influence. Christ’s model was to actively engage in the political arenas, but in subversive and atypical ways. Jesus found ways around the traditional approaches and battle lines, and implemented what Bible scholars have called a “third way” approach. This is because Jesus encountered a similar problem where only a select few were in power over the empire, and the peace on Earth that Caesar promised could never be fulfilled under his policies or under Herod’s. Therefore, He took a radical approach in His politics and embodied the things that Caesar and the Jewish leaders of His day only claimed to be.

    As far as your better or equivalent question: I’m not sure I understand what you mean. It probably depends on who you ask. If you ask an Iraqi, Vietnamese, or elderly Japanese native they’d probably say that the U.S. system is quite similar. In other words, I would say our imperialism is similar in philosophy, but played out differently as the praxis has evolved over the last few thousand years.

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